[602] Prophet

[602] Prophet ain’t here to spit anything other than his own verifiable truth, unfiltered through his own perspective. Gritty, raw, rugged, and real AF – he creates bulletproof bars built on brutal honesty and the pure artistic integrity required to say exactly what he wants to say, exactly how he wants to say it.

After establishing his name permanently in the Rap game as a verifiable force on the mic through a series of single releases & records over the past several years, the savage skills of this emcee have reached far & wide across the globe, and secured [602] Prophet’s legacy for the future to follow.

With the gripping intensity & thought-provoking rhymes he’s built his reputation on, and a powerfully dynamic lineup of supreme beats that slap speakers from the lefts to the rights with superior sound, [602] Prophet is set to dominate the year with his most personal record to-date, All Sides Of The Story.

Holding nothing back, pulling no punches, and unafraid to get LOUD and spit words direct from his chest – the craft & skill on display throughout All Sides Of The Story is second to none. Not in it for the fame, not in it for the glory, not in it for the adoration of millions – [602] Prophet is here to keep it 100% real & nothing more.

The chip on his shoulder doesn’t weigh him down or hold him back – it strengthens his resolve to be the best in the game and take his music to the next level, every time he cuts a new record or single. Vulnerable, evocative, and authentic.

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